Kawaii Paradise (junky_sweet) wrote in grrrl_traders,
Kawaii Paradise

hi :O)

Name ~ Brandy or Bee

Location ~ CLeveland Ohio

Interests ~ all cute things rainbows, glitter, stationery stickers, personalized stuff, music, the color pink, RED, FARIES, twinkles, the number 6, girlie things, Bling, art, design, websites, myspace, SIMS 2, ASTRO POP, Bejewled,DJ FUNK, happy hardcore, PENPALLING, writing long letters, MAIL ART, DECO TAPE, and many more things.

Do you want penpals ~ yes one or two good ones.

Where from ~ anywhere

Grrrls or bois ~ either

Age ~ 22

What are you interested in trading ~ anything that had to do with my intrests list.

How can we contact you ~ twinkles6801@hotmail.com

Anything else you'd like to add ~ i wanna make a new friend or two. I have so much time on my hands it would be really nice.
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