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looking for a penpal

Name ~ Lauren

Location ~ New York City, but from February till mid-June I will be in Capetown South Africa

Interests ~ anything crafty, reading, feminist lit, lots of music, writing letters, photography, knitting, things of that sort

Do you want penpals ~ of course!

Where from ~ anyone from anywhere

Grrrls or bois ~ whomever wants to be my penpal

Age ~ 19

What are you interested in trading ~ letters, anything crafty, decos, stickers, jewlery, anything handmade, mix tapes, books, stories, polaroid photographs

How can we contact you ~ comment on this post, my livejournal, or e-mail at,

Anything else you'd like to add ~
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Looking for a penpal 10-12 years old. I don't mean email I mean real mail. People are to high tech these days. If your interested go to and tell me on my blog.