Betsy (_betsyboo_) wrote in grrrl_traders,


Name ~ Betsy

Location ~ Southern CA... USA

Interests ~ web design, Hello kitty, DIY jewelry

Do you want penpals ~ I'd like swapper pals

Where from ~ anywhere

Grrrls or bois ~ grrrls

Age ~ doesn't matter really

What are you interested in trading ~ I love to spoil pals. i usually send a couple big boxes out a month stuffed with beauty products, stuffed animals, kawaii goodies.. etc. i go to a lot of flea markets so i like to put cute/interesting second hand stuff in there as well. i also make jewelry from buttons (the kind you pin on) and i love to make custom stuff for friends. you will be able to see some of my jewelry when my website is up I don't really send letters too often b/c i like to use email and IMs to communicate. im just into sending packages really. I'm VERY young at heart and have many friends who are younger girls. so i don't mind younger pen pals. i just would like to have pals that aren't flaky, who are good swappers. =)

How can we contact you ~

Anything else you'd like to add ~ MYSPACE:
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