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Hello all, I've just taken over running this community from the lovely newwaysofliving  so thought I'd post my ad to get some action going here.

Name ~ Jennifer or Jen

Location ~
Yorkshire, England

Interests ~
books, glam rock, fantasy, sci-fi, faeries, nature, astronomy, history, mythology, crafts, creativity, thinking, daydreaming, writing, travelling.

Do you want
penpals ~ Yes, I’m always on the look out for new pals who write decent quality, medium-long length letters.

Where from ~

Grrrls or bois ~
No males please

Age ~
I’m 20, preferably 18+

What are you interested in trading ~
Letters, Decos, FBs, (preferably nice/neat), slams, stickers, nice writing paper/notecards or anything else stationery related, mix CDs, books and related items like bookmarks, bookplates, craft items (handmade paper, ribbons, buttons, beads lace, outlines) any other bits and bobs you can think of.

How can we contact you ~
comment here, in my journal or

Anything else you'd like to add ~
I’m happy to trade any or all of these things so whether you want to just penpal, or pal and swap, or swap several things, one offs or regular, get in touch!


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